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Victoria’s Defence and Space Network will showcase Victorian Industry. It will demonstrate that Victoria is delivering highly relevant capabilities and contributing significant capacity to the supply chains of both Defence and Space domains. Members of VDSN deliver systems, equipment and services, providing vital and sustainable contributions to the global Defence and Space industry.

As the second largest contributor to Defence budget, Victoria will be recognised as being an integral element of national defence, economy and security.


Maximise opportunities for VDSN members to win more Defence and Space work in the Victorian, while maintaining industry growth and relevance with the Australian Federal Government.
It will achieve this in partnership with the Victorian Government and AIDN by providing Information, Networking, Collaboration and Support to members.
The endstate is that companies in Victoria doing business or considering doing business in Defence and/or Space are aware of and value membership of the VDSN. This value is captured, analysed and visualised in dashboards against a variety of performance KPI.


The Victorian Government selected AIDN as the provider to deliver a defence and space industry network that will:


Promote Victorian defence and space industry capabilities domestically and globally to Primes, Tier 1s and other key stakeholders, including in key overseas markets


Support identification of opportunities for Victoria's supply chain companies by providing industry advice and intelligence


Connect industry with domestic and global defence and space opportunities


Communicate and compile Victoria’s defence and space industry supply chain capabilities


Grow the Victorian defence and space industry and minimise barriers for Victorian SMEs seeking to enter defence and space supply chains

The VDSN will also aim to:

  • manage and grow Victorian defence and space industry membership
  • deliver industry briefings in metropolitan and regional Victoria for stakeholders across the network
  • develop an annual register of existing defence and space capabilities in Victoria
  • actively promote and connect member companies at industry events
  • provide advice to companies seeking to supply to the Department of Defence (Defence)
  • develop and/or maintain branding and communications (including this website) for the network.

Victorian Defence and Space Network  Victoria State Government

The VDSN is an initiative of the Victorian Government and in partnership with AIDN.  

© Copyright AIDN 2023, in partnership with the Victorian Government.

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